Appellate Law

Fighting Against Unjust Decisions In Texas

Some bad results in trials of cases can be corrected by appeal to appellate courts. Appeals can be complex and time-consuming. Your lawyer on appeal must be skilled and experienced in the appellate courts.

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The Fort Worth-based lawyers of Myers Shaw, Attorneys at Law, have handled appeals at every appellate level from the Texas state courts to the United States Supreme Court.

Many of the appellate cases we take on involve incorrect or unjust property tax valuations. In Texas, property tax appeals must first go through a review board appointed by the appraisal district. Property owners in Texas often file protests with the appraisal review board based on:

  • Market changes that affect property values
  • Land use changes
  • Tax exemptions related to agriculture or another business

In the event that you disagree with the appraisal review board’s decision, the dispute can be heard in a Texas District Court.

As your representative counsel, we can file the petition with the court and begin gathering evidence in discovery. During discovery, the court requests information related to your claim. If your case is able to be settled out of court, we work diligently to take that route, but we prepare aggressive legal strategies in case your claim does go to trial.

As experienced litigation and appeals attorneys, we also provide appeals for decisions on business disputes and legal malpractice cases.

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With dozens of reported cases over the past three decades, you can count on Myers Shaw, Attorneys at Law, to handle your appeals competently and economically. In most appellate cases, it is prudent to move swiftly to avoid missing important filing deadlines. Call us in Fort Worth at 817-731-2500 or email us to discuss your appeal.